Supporting the student-run media at UCLA

The UCLA Communications Board was created to support UCLA’s student-run media.   From its beginnings in 1919 as the Publications Board, which was responsible for a campus newspaper and yearbook, the Communications Board today oversees ten media titles and several web sites that involve more than 600 students during the year.

The Communications Board is a student-majority board made up of eight students appointed by the undergraduate and graduate student governments at UCLA and representatives from the university, alumni, and faculty, as well as other at-large members, many of them alumni, from the fields of journalism, marketing and law.

The board meets its mission by providing training, facilities and financial management to the student media through its oversight of the UCLA Student Media department.  The board approves and implements budgets, selects editors in chief for the media, and sets top-line policies for the organization.   Student editors and managers make all the editorial decisions at the board’s newspaper, magazines, yearbook, and radio station.

All UCLA students are invited to get involved with the board and its programs.  UCLA students interested in joining the Communications Board as members should contact USA or GSA.  UCLA students interesting in joining the media’s editorial or advertising  departments, should visit our application website.   

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